Tips regarding supplementation

The American Rugby League takes part in activities aimed at promoting healthy eating among athletes and increasing knowledge about dietary supplements. Below you can find the most important recommendations about supplementation for rugby players.

Rugby player body opens the throttle, which is associated with a high risk of overtraining, and catabolism, or loss of muscle mass. In this case, very helpful is primarily glutamine. This amino acid, which ensures the supply of fuel to working muscles under conditions of intense exercising. A very important role plays also whey protein in the form of isolate and concentrate. This protein is characterized by an easy assimilation and is very valuable. It is worth remembering that whey protein in the case of athletes is digested much more easily than meat, which is often consumed in order to provide the body with necessary protein. Another problem a weakening of immunity, as a result of intensive training, leading to a higher consumption of white blood cells. For this reason, we recommend the use of supplements containing vitamins and minerals. They should deliver high doses of vitamin C and antioxidants. It is also recommended to use creatine monohydrate, which helps to build strength, increase endurance and speed up recovery.

By following the above principles, we can reduce the risk of problems resulting from intense workouts, so it is worth to stock up with above mentioned supplements.

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