Rugby and American football

In some countries, including Poland, rugby and American football are wrongly considered to be a variant of the same sport. Therefore, it is worth to explain the similarities and differences between these two games.

The main similarity is that both are a contact sport and the fact that the points are earned by a touchdowns, increases and kicks on goal. Very important is also the similar shape of the ball, and the appearance of the end zone and goals. Both in one and in the second game snap originates from the formation of the mill. This does not mean, however, that between rugby and American football are just few differences. In the first game it is allowed to stop only a player with the ball, while in the other can any player can be stopped. Differnetly look also rules of calculating points. As an example, we can point out the fact that in rugby it is necessary to put the ball in the end zone, while in American football just run up on that field. In rugby there are fewer opportunities to gain points. The pitch in the American football is a little smaller, and a goal is outside the end zone. The differences can be seen also in a costume of players. Players in American football have to wear much harder pads than those that are acceptable in rugby. In rugby, game time is continuous, and in American football is followed by a break after an unsuccessful play action or a "down" the player with the ball.

These are only the most important differences between rugby and American football. Those who are interested in one or the other sports, should refer to the more detailed rules of the game.

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