Principles of American rugby

American rugby game is different from the European version. Americans decided that the way of playing in Europe is too soft, so they developed their own rules. American rugby is considered to be a quite brutal game.

Differences are seen, inter alia, in players costumes. The typical American rugby outfit consists of a blouse and trousers and a leather helmet, shin guards and knee pads. Each team consists of eleven players. Competitions are held on a square divided into eleven parallel lanes with a width of ten yards. The task of a player with a ball is to move it to the next zone. In case of violation of the rules, for example, out or foul, the referee to order the withdrawal of the team one or two lanes back. We can say that the game involves moving to the front and the acquisition of land, from which you can be forcibly removed or disciplined by the referee. Please note that this is a team game. Players do not compete against each other, they are a team that faces a common goal. Each game consists of four rounds, lasting twenty minutes. Even one round is quite tiring, so players can be replaced even every minute. All players have numbers on their backs.

American rugby is very popular. This sport has as many supporters as baseball. Games are held in large stadiums, which allows to have a large number of viewers. Unlike baseball, it is an amateur sport.

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