History of the American Rugby League

The American Rugby League is a national sports association, which operates in the United States of America. This is an official representative of American rugby, both male and female. League was formed in 1975, and since 1987 is part of the International Rugby Board.

The most important reason for the creation of the American Rugby League was to popularize the sport, and to consolidate its principles. The founders of the League of Rugby also wanted to organize interstate competitions and to initiate and support international tournaments. The task of popularizing rugby is realized, among other things, through the organization of competitions at the state level and the creation of youth teams. The American Ruby League has led to the creation of a network of teams for teenagers, and has initiated a Youth Rugby Championship, which was first organized in 1998. And the first Rugby Championship took place in 1977. There were the first interstate rugby competitions for both men and women. The American Rugby League also supports state teams, helping them in obtaining the resources needed for development. It is also involved in organizing matches of the Rugby World Cup.

The American Rugby League is an organization whose activity is evaluated very well both by athletes and fans. Actions taken so far have allowed the realization of all goals that were adopted at the time of its creation.

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